What I love about UX writing is that less is more. I strive to do a lot with a little. My goal is to make the user's journey simple and fun.

Photo courtesy of Cassis Birgit Staudt
My background as a playwright feeds my UX writing. It allows me to imagine myself in the shoes of the character's journey and fosters my sense of empathy. These qualities carry over to a subtle understanding of the user experience. 
I’ve written stage plays, screenplays, teleplays, essays, real estate copy, grants, and web content. I’ve written, directed and produced a short film and had numerous plays produced in my hometown of New York. This background makes me a strong team player who successfully collaborates with a diverse group of writers, designers, developers, and marketers.
I’m an avid reader, a daily Citibiker, a devout player of the New York Times Spelling Bee, a yard sale/flea market habitué, and an obsessive fire escape gardener.