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This is a pre-edited mock-up for Handshake, an imaginary app geared toward freelancers and small business owners for invoicing and payment purposes. The welcome screen needs concise language that establishes voice and tone and effectively conveys the apps benefit. Across screens the terms need to be clarified so that instructions are clear to the user and styles need to match throughout headings, punctuation, and capitalization.

PreEdit Handshake On Boarding

Edits to Handshake mock-up

In the welcome screen I’ve added language that establishes a direct and friendly voice while describing Handshake’s benefit to the user. Across screens I’ve adjusted the terms to provide clear instruction, including sign-in options for both new and returning users. I’ve matched styles for headings, punctuation and capitalization. On the third screen, I use first person (“I’m the freelancer”) for the CTA button in keeping with the direct and friendly voice.

Handshake Edits.png
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