Handshake customer experience

The Challenge  - the Handshake app launch

Create a set of marketing/CX deliverables to cover all channels including:


  • Website landing page

  • 30-second video script

  • Tweet that introduces the video

  • Facebook post that introduces the video

  • LinkedIn post that introduces the video

  • Welcome email

  • In-app onboarding tour screens


The Process


My process involved building on the research, ideation, and review that I did for the Handshake user flow. I worked with the same user personas as I continued to explore language and copy ideas creating a family of messages for all channels consistent with Handshake’s friendly and straightforward brand voice. Additionally, I focused on conveying the main value propositions of the app across all channels: 


  • Track project hours and progress with a tap of the screen.

  • Review and adjust your project budget.

  • Send or receive secure online payments.

  • Reduce “after work” paperwork.

  • Stay connected with ease and trust.

Landing page

#1 Landing Page.jpg

At the top of the landing page the brief blurb  expresses the brand voice. I maintain the tone in the summary of the app's key benefits to both freelancers and small business owners. I keep CTAs contextual as to what happens next and offer  concise customer scenarios and customer reviews. 

Video script

#2 Video script.jpg

The video script tells a story while focused on the core message - the app’s benefits. A clear CTA comes at the end.

Tweet introducing video

#3 Tweet.jpg

The tweet stays within the 140 character limit, maintains the brand voice, provides a benefit of the app and a direct CTA.

Facebook post introducing video

#4 Facebook post.jpg

The Facebook post stays consistent with the brand voice and tone and offers a compelling CTA.

LinkedIn post introducing video

#5 LinkedIn post.jpg

The LinkedIn post targets potential users of the app by stating a clear benefit, CTA and hashtags.

Welcome email

The welcome email includes all key points, a clear CTA, a consistent tone and appropriate length.

Tour screens

#7 Tour screens.jpg

The tour screens are consistent in length and tone and focused on the app's benefits.