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Handshake Customer Experience


The Handshake app is ready to be launched and I’ve crafted marketing and CX materials to cover all channels. The overall goal is to create a positive and comprehensive end-to-end customer experience.

The Challenge 

Create a set of marketing/CX deliverables that inspires brand loyalty and attracts new users through Facebook shares, re-tweets, LinkedIn shares, and person-to-person recommendations.

The Process

My process involved building on the research, ideation, and review that I did for the Handshake user flow. I worked with the same user personas as I continued to explore language and copy ideas creating a family of messages for all channels consistent with Handshake’s friendly and straightforward brand voice. Additionally, I focused on conveying the main value propositions of the app across all channels: 


  • Track project hours and progress with a tap of the screen.

  • Review and adjust your project budget.

  • Send or receive secure online payments.

  • Reduce “after work” paperwork.

  • Stay connected with ease and trust.

Landing page

The headline addresses both user types and expresses the brand voice with a positive and concise description of the app’s main benefit. The CTA is clear and contextual as to what happens next.

Group 1.jpg

The friendly, conversational tone continues throughout the short narrative description of the app’s key benefits.

On-brand microcopy further
describes each benefit of the app.

I offer persuasive user scenarios that speak to Handshake’s practicality.

The final piece of microcopy
expresses the brand voice and
reaffirms the app’s benefit. It’s
followed by a clear CTA.

Strong customer reviews from both user types offer

persuasive testimony as to how

Handshake’s usability impacts their daily lives.

Video Script

Film script.jpg

The video script tells a story of

how and why both user types have chosen the Handshake app and clearly focuses on the core message - the app's benefits. It also offers reviews from 

other users. I've re-purposed copy that I used in other channels, keeping consistent with the brand voice and tone.

A clear CTA comes at the 

end of the script.

Tweet Introducing Video


The tweet stays within the 140 character limit, maintains the brand voice, describes a benefit of the app and provides direct CTA.

Facebook Post Introducing Video

#4 Facebook post.jpg

The Facebook post stays consistent with the brand voice and tone and offers a compelling CTA.

LinkedIn Post Introducing Video

#5 LinkedIn post.jpg

The LinkedIn post targets potential users of the app with hashtags, while clearly stating the app's benefits.

Welcome Email

Welcome Email.jpg

The welcome email includes all key points, a clear CTA, a consistent tone and appropriate length.

Tour Screens

#7 Tour screens.jpg

For the tour screens I was limited to 20 characters for the headings and a maximum of two lines for the text. Within these constraints the microcopy is consistent in tone and focused on the app's benefits.

Next Steps

Meet with product marketing team to explore and discuss success measures - A/B testing, user research, monitoring email open rates and conversion rates, following KPIs, mining search data, analytics, and identify touchpoints where improvements can be made.

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