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Promo Screen Samples

As with the error messages, these samples were created in response to a daily UX writing challenge, the goal of which is to practice clear and concise copy. Each task focused on a different user scenario always with a limited character count.  While crafting pithy microcopy I also took a shot at designing screens which got me acquainted with Figma.

Sports app promotion



Challenge: Write a promotional screen for an app that lets a user choose teams, send game reminders, real-time scores updates and highlight videos.


Headline: 40 characters max

Body: 175 characters max

Button(s): 25 characters max


In the headline I use an active, enthusiastic voice to broadly describe the purpose of FanPlan. The body continues the same enthusiastic voice as it gives more details about the app’s benefit and how it can be programmed to suit the preferences of the user. The buttons offer the option to download or pass. “Passing for now” leaves the door open and suggests to the user that they take a moment to consider.

Pop-up Ad Promotion



Scenario: A user is in their favorite supermarket. They open the supermarket’s app on their phone to see what’s on sale and are greeted by a promotion.


Challenge: Write a promotional home screen for a subscription service that delivers groceries to the user once-a-month for a flat fee.


Headline: 45 characters max

Body: 175 characters max

Buttton(s): 25 characters max


WeSchlepit is written with cultural localization in mind. The voice is specific to a New York grocery store such as Zabar’s or Fairway. Schlep, the Yiddish word for carry, is New York lingo. Since this is a pop-up promo my approach was to charm by conveying the app’s benefit in the headline accompanied by the playful image of an old-fashioned push cart, once prominent on New York’s Lower East Side and aligned with the voice of the promo. I continue the charming tone in both the body and the button, which offers the user the option to try the service for free before making a full commitment.

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